The Academy Career Exploration offers students a range of unique opportunities that not only support their academic achievement, but also serve to promote their social and emotional development.

These opportunities include:

  • SIGMA: Graduates of this program will receive credit for Two High School Regents courses (Math Algebra and Earth Science Regents).
  • Student Owned classrooms where one teacher provides direct instruction to students for most of the core subjects.

The benefits of this program are listed below:

  1. This program offers middle school students the unique experience to receive high quality instruction in a nurturing environment from a qualified teacher who is familiar with each student’s individual needs.
  2. Individualized instruction, as most classroom teachers are responsible for teaching the core subjects to only one in the 6th and 7th grades.
  3. Increased instructional time during the school day, as students are not required to spend additional time passing in the hallways to get to each class.
  4. Student rich environments: student work is displayed to reinforce previous instructional strategies.
  5. Safer school environment as students are escorted during classroom passing (including physical education and lunch periods).
  6. Student friendly environment where students are not required to carry their coats around the school during the day and have access to coat closets.
NIA activities on Mondays to Friday, 2:20 – 5:15